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    Leizhou Leibao Machinery Co.,Ltd was established in 1993 and it’s equipment manufacturing enterprise specialized in the production of agricultural machinery,forestry machinery and construction machinery.The company is located in the middle of the Leizhou Peninsula,the South China Sea and Beibu Gulf is respectively to its east and west,the occupied area of our company is 13333 square meter.Our products mainIy include:full-automatic trees peeling machine,sugarcane harvester,wheel loader,wheeI sugarcane-loading machine,wood chipper,telescopic handler,wood screening machine,quay conveyor belt and automatic tree(MMT)chipper,dibber so on.
      Our company has passed the lSO 9001:2008 InternationaI OuaIity Management System Certification and has been awarded the honour title of Private Science and TechnoIogy Ente rprise of Guangdong Province and Enterprise with Good Creditworthiness of Guangdong Province.The full—automatic trees peeling machine and agricuIturaI sugarcane-Ioading machine have been Iisted in the 2011-2013 AgricuItural Machinery Product Catalog Supported and Promoted by Guangdong Province and the 2010 AaricuIturaI Machinery Purchase Subsidy Product CataIog of Guangdong Province(Central Finance)and many products such as full-automatic trees peeling machine,full-automatic trees peeling machine,wood chipper and Ioading machine have won the 2014 High—Tech Product Certificate and Part of our products have been authorized national patent,our products have been soId into Guangdong.Guangxi,Hainan,Hunan,Hubei,Yunan and abroad into countries of Southeast Asia.
      Our company takes the OuaIity First and Customer First as the enterprise tenet,we look for the truth and be practical and keeps good faith every day.We buiIds the product and brand with honestly and sincerely and in the name of goodness.we take the first-class product and service as our responsibility and constant initiates better tomorrow of Leibao Company and make due contributions to customers and society.