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    Shandong stops approval of new fuel vehicle enterprises
    Author:admin   Addtime:2017-11-23 17:06:34
    Shandong provincial government recently released the latest revision of the approved investment directory, the implementation of more stringent control on the part of industry capacity. Among them, the traditional fuel vehicle capacity is also included in the strict control of the category, in principle, Shandong will no longer approve the establishment of new traditional fuel vehicle production enterprises.
    Serious excess capacity in the steel, aluminum, cement, plate glass, shipbuilding and other industries, Shandong province prohibits all localities and departments in any name or in any way for new capacity projects, prohibit the relevant land supply, energy assessment, EIA approval and additional credit support and other services; the coal industry in Shandong province from the field. The last year has stopped project approval of new coal mine project, the capacity of the new nuclear capacity and increase the project, where new coal mines will be reduction replacement.